Environmentally Safer Cleansing Products

Technology Makes the Difference!

industriesReplace the harmful solvents, caustics and acids you've been using with our powerful synthetic solutions. Our products combine the cleaning power that’s right for the job, along with patented technologies including:

SynTech®: Delivers the cleaning power of hydrochloric acid while remaining non-corrosive, non-regulated, and safe for humans, animals, and plant life.

Degreaser: Safely lifts grease from any surface without the use of solvents; able to remove petroleum based oils, vegetable and animal fats along with dirt, soils, and grime without environmental concerns.

Microbial: Provides immediate metabolic activity. Our bound microbes are enclosed in a sheath to protect them from chlorine, sanitizer, and heat. The result is a solution that quickly degrades petroleum hydrocarbons, vegetable and animal fats, oils, greases, waste solids and other organic compounds.

Release Agent: Made entirely from synthetic hydrocarbons and synthetic surfactants, 100% non-toxic, and biodegradable. The only release agents that exceed ecological safety standards and have been deemed non-mutagenic by the EPA, DEP, and DER.

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