General Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser/Deodorizer for the Medical/Veterinary Industry

VetFortis is a potent concentrated cleaner that replaces acids, solvents, and caustics with a single formulation. It is powered by SynTech, the world’s first synthetic acid system, SynClean, a patented non-solvent non-butyl cleaner and degreaser, and the deodorizer, Xtreme. Added patented live vegetative microbes destroy bacteria causing odor and degrade waste and solids. The result is a concentrated liquid that cleans, brightens, deodorizes and protects in a simple one-step process, eliminating costly steps in the cleaning process. Simply apply and rinse.

Medical CleanerOur live vegetative microbes to break down solids and remove odor on contact with over 3 billion colonies per product gram of bio-enzymes and multi-cultured bacteria.

Fortis carries USDA authorization code A1 and A2 and is Kosher approved. It is safe on paint, glass, aluminum, chrome, stainless, rubber and plastic. It is 100% biodegradable, exceeding all EPA standards.

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Caustic
  • Acid Free
  • Lifts Grease
  • Cuts Animal Fats
  • Cuts Vegetable Fats
  • Non-Emulsifying
  • One-Step Process
  • Reduces Grease Trap Maintenance
  • Safe on Paint, Metal, Glass
  • Eliminates Odors

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