MIL Spec Aircraft and Truck Exterior Cleaning

SynClean HD

clean airplaneSynClean HD is unlike any industrial degreaser on the market. Its superior degreasing power comes from a patented ingredient that safely lifts grease from any surface without the use of solvents. As such, it easily removes petroleum-based oils, vegetable and animal fats, along with dirt, protein, soils and more. It is the ideal non-corrosive cleaning solution for all aircraft. SynClean HD is so safe it is recommended by truck giants Volvo and Mack to safely clean big rigs.

Other degreasers with the power of SynClean HD are solvent or butyl based, and work by emulsifying the grease from the top of the stain down to the surface where it lies. SynClean HD encapsulates each hydrocarbon molecule, lifting it from the surface. The grease pulled away by SynClean HD remains in its original form. SynClean HD also contains detergent, wetting and sequestering agents, penetrants, rust and corrosion inhibitors making it a true all-in-one cleanser for any use.

SynClean HD has approvals from Airbus, Boeing, Douglas Aircraft, the DOT, FDA, USDA, is Kosher approved and is manufactured to meet strict military specifications: MIL Spec PRF85570E Type 2.

  • Non-Butyl
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Solvent
  • Lifts Grease
  • Cuts Animal Fats
  • Cuts Vegetable Fats
  • Non-Emulsifying
  • NSF and DFE Approved
  • Kosher Approved
  • Reduces Grease Trap Maintenance
  • Low Foam and Neutral pH Formulations
  • MIL PRF85570E Type 2
  • Meets Airbus AIMS09-00-002
  • Meets Boeing D6-17487 Rev T
  • Meets Boeing 06-7127 Rev P
  • Meets Douglas Aircraft Company CSDNo. 1

The HD stands for high detergency, which will provide ample foam. SynClean HD works equally with cold or hot water and is safe for use in rotary, steam cleaning machines and car parts washers. This product is also available in a low foaming formulation ideal for carpet cleaners, rotary machines, and parts cleaners.

Watch a powerful video demo of SynClean HD being used on an aircraft exterior:

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