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Purgo Technical Data


Technical Data


Techincal Data

DOT Statement

Non-D.O.T. Regulated/Non-D.O.T. Hazardous Exempt as per 49 CFR 173.154(d)(1) <6.25 mmpy D.O.T. classifies a material to be corrosive and hazardous if it has a corrosion rate that exceeds 6.25 mmpy on SAE
C1020 carbon steel or 7075-Y6 Aluminum.

Regulatory Information Summary

This product is exempt from EPA registration under minimal risks pesticides exemption FIFRA SECTION 25(b) per 40 CFR 152.25 (f). EXEMPT FROM FIFRA REGISTRATION. Purgo is registered for sale with the Florida Department of Agriculture (ID 0050284001) and Consumer Services Bureau of Pesticides, Pesticide  registration Section. Manufacturer company ID: E0284001.

Other Statements

Additional Studies & Results: When tested, Purgo showed no potential for the generation of carbon dioxide under NIOSH 7903 OSHA & ACGIH testing protocols governing workplace environments.

Instructions for Use:

Most product sizes sold as concentrate. Dilute with water only. Wipes and disc dispenser are pre-diluted to 50%. Begin with 50% dilution; adjust as determined by surface contamination. Apply, wait, rinse with water

Toxicity Studies

Toxicity limits:
Test procedure OECD 202, 48 hr. LC 50 and LD 50 (rat oral):
Mutagenicity limits:
OECD Guidelines Sec. 471 Chemicals:

Dermal Irritation & Corrosion Test

A modified Draize method was  used as described in OECD Guidelines for the testing of Chemicals Sec. 404 and complies with the requirements of OECD principles of GLP, Annex revised as of July 1992. Purgo is classified as a “NON-SKIN IRRITANT”

Bio degradation & Aquatic Safety

Test Procedure: Hach Reactor Digestion method for Waste Water and Sea Water. Hach  reactor Digestion Method is a semi-micro adaptation of the Standard Methods. Purgo is 100% BIODEGRADABLE

Classification & Approvals

D.O.T., IMO, IATA, IMDG – Non-Regulated TDG – Non-Regulated to and through Canada SARA 313 311/312 – This product does not contain any ingredients that are subject to the reporting requirements. California Prop 65 – This product does not contain any ingredients known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or any other reproductive harm.
FDA – Approved as Safe (GRAS) USDA Authorization:
A1, A2, A3, A4, A8, C3

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